Business in the Vulcano

You will find your commercial space here.

Choose your commercial space in one of the three buildings right next to Altstetten railway station.

Vulkanstrasse Bändli-Weg N



Currently there are no vacant commercial spaces, but you can register on the waiting list below.

No. Flr. Surface area Rent Incl. service charges /
Status Apply
08537.11.0001 14210 m2
08537.23.0001 EG 306 m2
08537.23.0002 EG 46 m2
08537.23.0003 EG 212 m2 8563.35.-
08537.23.0501 5. floor 66.6 m2
08537.23.0503 5. floor 63.6 m2
08537.23.0510 5. floor 88.4 m2
08537.23.0520 5. floor 83.3 m2
08537.23.5010 U1 12.1 m2
08537.23.5020 U1 35.8 m2
08537.23.5030 U1 9 m2
08537.23.5110 EG 9 m2
08537.23.5120 EG 11.6 m2
08537.22.5010 U1 47 m2
08537.21.0001 EG 396 m2
08537.21.0003 EG 108 m2
08537.21.0005 EG 11.6 m2
08537.21.0501 5. floor 68.2 m2
08537.21.0503 5. floor 64 m2
08537.21.0510 5. floor 83.3 m2
08537.21.0520 5. floor 88.5 m2
08537.21.5010 U1 123.5 m2
08537.21.5020 U1 9 m2
08537.21.5030 U1 50 m2
08537.21.5040 U1 30.4 m2
08537.21.5110 EG 9 m2
08537.21.5120 EG 11.6 m2


  1. Zurich Cantonal Tax Office
  2. Komfonie engineering AG
  3. Pixel Plus AG
  4. Little Frogs crèche
  5. Zurich Cantonal Tax Office
  6. aja Hotel
  7. Smart Apartments
  8. IBM Switzerland Ltd.
  9. UBS Office
  10. Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.
  11. Helbling Technik AG
  12. Cembra Money Bank Ltd. Head office
  13. Match Communications GmbH
  14. J.H. Keller Ltd. Automobiles
  15. Hitachi Energy Switzerland Ltd.


Excellent location

The assets of the location include a diversified economy, a skilled workforce that is both enthusiastic and highly trained, and proximity to the city of Zurich.

Public transport network

Altstetten railway station is a three-minute walk away, and the Limmattalbahn stops practically on your doorstep.

Permanent service

The caretaker looks after the property on site every day from Monday to Friday, and the management can be contacted at any time if you have any concerns.

aja Hotel

Your guests can stay at the aja Hotel, which is right next door.

Serviced Apartments

You can book furnished apartments with 24/7 self check-in for your employees flexibly via

Qualified pool of specialists

The various colleges and universities in Zurich offer access to an enthusiastic and highly trained skilled workforce.

Visitor parking on site

Your guests can park directly in front of the Vulcano.

Smart Home

The devices are digitally networked via Smart Home, providing first-class comfort for controlling the interior.

Key Figures

1500 m²

Commercial space

80–800 m²





Beds at the aja Hotel

Why choose the Vulcano?

Advantages of the Vulcano’s location

The offices and commercial rental properties in the Vulcano in Altstetten are located near Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city. Thanks to the Vulcano’s excellent location and the extensive transport network, including the nearby railway station, you have rapid access to any part of the Altstetten economic region.

The assets of the Vulcano include a broadly positioned and diversified economy, a skilled workforce that is both enthusiastic and highly trained, and other attractive factors associated with the location.

You can expect to find varied facilities consisting of a crèche, a yoga studio and a wide range of shops to cater for your daily needs.

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